Nobel peace prize and the winner 2019

On the ceremony of Nobel peace prize on the 10th of December 2019, the leader of Nobel Peace Prize committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen have the said the following to Nobel Laurate Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed:

 “You are born into a traditional family of simple means to a mother who was an Amhara Orthodox Christian and to the father who was an Oromo Muslim. Diversity seems to be in your origin”

From this, we conclude that Dr Abiy have told the Nobel committee that he is from an Amhara mother and Oromo father. There is no problem to from any ethnic background for that matter. But the problem is when people lie abput their ethnic background to capitalize for their pollical gain.

Dr Abiy Ahmed has always claimed that he is from Oromo father and Oromo mother. I.e. He was lying about his ethnic origin until today. In current Ethiopian political discourse, ethnic background is very sensitive and even at times decisive. Even if Abiy from Oromo father and Amhara mother can be an Oromo if he chooses, this is crucial in a sense that he was lying to the public about his background.

Few weeks back, Dr Abiy Ahmed gathered Oromo intellectuals and was asked about his mother’s background. He clearly stated that she is from Tulama Oromo. I.e. He was lying to the Oromo intellectuals as well as telling the Nobel committee some other thing.

We here by ask the Prime Minister office to clearly declare the ethnic background of Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali as soon as possible.

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