Election 2020 ahead – the situation in Ethiopia

The common problem in the third world countries like Ethiopia concerning the process of democratization is the overlap of security apparatus and justice system with the ruling party.

That the security apparatus (police, the military, security agents) and justice system used by the governing party as its own protection and its own monopoly;

That the security apparatus and justice system perceive the opposition parties as an enemy, not as citizens of the same country working for the betterment of the country;

That the wrong information given as if the loss of power of the governing party perceived as end of their carrier for the security apparatus and justice system; that the loss of power means the security apparatus will be dismantled and new will be established;

So far such perception is dominating the country, it is difficult to conduct any reasonable election where the level field is favorable for all the parties.

The aiding countries like the US and the European countries should put a condition to change these if they want to stop the next war in Ethiopia. The next war in Ethiopia is  catastrophic for everyone. As election is approaching without any election code of conduct publicised and the political parties just accusing each other without any negotiation and mediator, the situation is worrying. An appeal to save that country is:

  1. The US and European countries have huge stake in election in Ethiopia. They are aiding and supporting Ethiopian government today. They must set a condition that the government should stop arresting, killing and misusing the security apparatus in the process of election. This is vital as election day approaching. If the US and EU countries neglect such a danger, war is imminent in Ethiopia right before or after th election day. The reason is that the government is using its security apparatus and justice system to suppress opposition parties by closing their offices in districts and arresting and even killings their members. If the government continues like this, there is no question, war is imminent.
  2. The opposition parties should come out publicly and inform the public if there is any election code of conduct they have agreed upon with the governing party, Prosperty Party. It is vital for the public to know what is agreed upon, who is not following that and what will be next. Anyone will be equal in front of the rule of law. But since TPLF has misinformed the public for the last 30 years, it is important that the public get chance to know the real democratic rights they have. We have seen that many still believe that they could loss their job if they do not abide with the governing party. Many still afraid to stand against inhumanity and illegal arrests.

The security apparatus and justice system should first be equal apparatus for all Ethiopians including the governing party PP. The court should be where the opposition parties could go if there is any grievance. Police should follow the laws and should not arrest and hold people illegally. Any politically motivated arrest and accusation should be treated by the court on equal basis. And otherwise, the public will engulf the government one day. Then, it does not help if we shout after the war broke. Ethiopia has gone by then.

The US and EU countries should not side with the government and should set condition to Ethiopian government if they want to halt the imminent war coming.

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