Ethiopianairlines – trying to benefit from Coronavirus epidemi?

Ethiopian airlines, one of Africa’s biggest airline was flying to China even after all other airlines have stopped their flight. This was criticized by Ethiopians and even neighbouring countries like Kenya.

But after more than 30 countries denied to allow Ethiopianarilines to land in their countries, the airline was forced to halt flying to this countries. But they come with another business idea where they are willing to fly anyone from abroad to Ethiopia and the guest will be forced for 14 days quarantine upon arrival at Bole airport. The business does not end there. The airline has its own luxury hotel called Sky light hotel near to Bole international airport in Addis Ababa. Everyone arriving will be forced to stay in this particular hotel which costs around USD 125 pr night. The funny part is that the guests will be forced to pay the cost of 14 days upon arrival.

Watch this video where on 24th of March 2020 the guests are shouting in their attempt to get another choice to stay at (in amharic language). The hotel is expensive for ordninary people and they were supposed to give another option.

What a shame when a country wants to get benefit from a human suffering. On the contrary, the government of Ethiopia is arresting some gredy business people who try to add unnecessary high price on their goods. What a paradox!

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