Terje Østebø has publsihed his analysis about the role of Qeerroo in the future Oromo politics on Addis Standard and here is his conaclusion:

“there is little doubt that the Qeerroo has been and continue to be a political force, with significant potential. The vast majority of the Oromo youth supports the opposition – the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and, in particular, Jawar Mohammed – something evidenced by the youth’s massive turnout during OFC’s rallies, where also local Qeerroo groups were the ones organizing the arrangements across the region. Even if Jawar Mohammed, since running for office, has become more restrained in his communication with the Oromo youth through social media, there is little doubt that they remain loyal to him, and that they immediately would respond to his instructions. It is also plausible that the coopted Qeerroo leaders’ support for the ruling party is tactical, and that they easily could shift side. Shifting alliances has been a hallmark for Ethiopian politics for centuries, and René Lefort’s reference to the Abyssinian proverb “the king who reigns is my king” has similar relevance for the Oromo context.”

Read the full article from Addis Standard in this link:

Analysis: The role of the Qeerroo in future Oromo politics


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