The Oromo people demand an apology from TPLF

To Tigray People’s Liberation Front

C/O Dr Debretsion G/Michael

Mekele, Ethiopia


From concerned Oromo

Demanding an official apology for the decades of subjugation and killings

Dear sir,

Warm greetings to you and your people. I know this is a critical time for you and your people as well as your region. You are facing the dangerous enemies both from neighboring Eritrea and Neftegna as well as troops lead by Abiy Ahmed. Our thoughts with you as you are fighting an enemy which surrounded you from all corners.

The Oromo people, as their culture of Gadaa guids, are always at the side of victims and are feeling your pain. But to go further and help you and work with you, the Oromo people have a demand, a critical one for clearing the past and paving the future.

The last 27 years, when TPLF led Ethiopian government, Oromo people were subjected to tremendous sufferings, torture, imprisonment, detention and tens of thousands lost their lives. We are not blaming this only on TPLF, as we witnessed the same after you left and OPDO took over. The same atrocity even harder continued after OPDO took over power. But there is a clear logic that the atrocities the Oromo people faced was when TPLF led the government and TPLF should take the responsibility even though OPDO takes lions share of the atrocity our people suffered.

I know it sounds odd to demand apology for the past at this critical time, but it is very important for us to clear the past and plan the future. If you expect the Oromo people to be on your side at this critical time and if you want to work with the Oromo people in the future, we demand an apology for the torture, killings, disappearances, detentions and all sufferings from 1991 – 2018. Imagine that many families have lost their sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, the whole family members, the whole village at times. People have lots of pain about TPLF and it needs to be worked out.

We are now hearing from brothers who feel the pain of yesterday and could not trust TPLF again. If you apologize for the wrong doings of the past, it will create the trust of the future.

After doing so, we can fight Neftegna system together to build the federal system. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to trust TPLF and think of any support or working together after the demise of Prosperity Party.


Boruf Tola

TPLF Rejects Plan To Unify EPRDF

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