Uganda to mediate Ethiopia and Tigray

Chimpreport is reporting that Uganda’s president Yuweri Museveni has started mediating Ethiopian government and Tigray (TPLF). Representative from both expected to arrive in Kampala on Sunday 15.11.2020.

Chimpreport adds that Ugand has good relation with Ethiopia now and TPLF while they dominated Ethiopian politics.

It is more 12 days since the full fliged war erupted between Ethiopian government and TPLF. TPLF has launced rocket attacks on Bahir Dar and Gonder as well as Asmara.

In addition reports coming from the conflict zone that thousands have lost their lives in the war.

The war has already affected the civilians lives as nearly 21 000 arrived in Sudan. Humanitarian organizations warning of over 200 000 refugees could arrive in Sudan if the conflict continues.

Read Chimpreport here

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